~Solome~ Laura

Never judge a book by its cover!!! Looking at this adorable young woman you would never think that hidden somewhere inside is a quirky "boy" character that she portrays in skits she puts on for her students and on the complete opposite side is a very talented belly dancer who keeps her audience in rapt attention when she performs!

Our lovely Laura is a multi talented performer, extraordinary school teacher to our future leaders and is too cute for words!!

Laura "Solome" is a member of Samira's Sahara Stars and performs at the Hookah Palace in downtown Lakeland along with the other members of this professional troupe. She is definitely a crowd favorite and is featured on the Hookah Palace promo video.

Although Laura is extremely busy with her continuing education, school activities, and dancing she is always one of those dancers whom I can count on to perform at the dozens of events that we are involved with each year.

Thanks Laura, for your positive and sparkling personality and your dedication to the Art of Belly Dance.

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